WES Partners with MOWIT to Train Workers and Rehab Headquarters


Join the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society as we continue rehabbing our historic building and you political home!

Built in 1913, WES’s headquarters has been a part of the brick and mortar of the St. Louis labor movement since at least the 1960’s, when the Operating Engineers’ International Union bought the property. And over the past two years – since WES purchased the property – 2929 S. Jefferson has become a hub of progressive activity.

As part of our joint mission to diversify the building trades and promote good-paying union jobs, MOWIT and WES plan to host end of the month “Work Days” to provide learning and volunteering opportunities.

This is a great way to learn skills from talented professionals – union painters and carpenters.

WES volunteer and tradeswoman Jamie said “The WES/MOWIT Work Day was so much fun and incredibly important for tradeswomen and apprentices like myself. Not only did we get to have our typical tradeswomen hangout, I was able to learn from people who have been in the trades for years. I cut and installed drywall for the first time, and the very next week I was asked to cut drywall at work! The MOWIT workdays are necessary for us because a lot of us got into the trades with no experience. The workdays give us a leg up when we’re job hunting and make us well rounded tradespeople, which is crucial to get work.”

If you’ve ever been to one of our events, potlucks or concerts, or if you appreciate our work and thought ‘how can I help?’ This is it! Join us for the next one. Check out our events page on our Facebook group to see when the next one is scheduled.

Lunch is always provided!

WES isn’t just a building. It’s a family. And it is humbling to know that so many of you consider WES your political home!