As the brave striking Christian Care Nursing Home workers enter their third month on the picket line, community support is as strong as ever. 

Nearly 100 community members gathered at the St. Louis Workers Education Society Saturday, Feb 24 for the “We Came to Fight” benefit show,  organized to raise funds for the strikers. 

While WES provided the food and drinks, hip hop acts Rev Delic and Sol Asar brought their vibrant musical talents to the evening. 


Community leaders Cori Bush, candidate for U.S. Congress, and Cora Faith Walker, Mo State Representative D-74, were among the supportive crowd who witnessed a surprise guest act: State Representative and renowned St. Louis battle rapper Bruce Franks, Jr. 

Nearly a dozen SEIU striking members, along with staff and community, watched as Bruce picked up the mic and said: 

We fought for the right to vote and still haven’t worn thin,

Remember I’m the one that went from being pepper sprayed and tear gassed to being sworn in.

I remember needing capital for an office; now my office is in the Capitol.

The best thing about what we did was grassroots – its all natural.


Strike leader and union steward Brenda Davis updated everyone on the strike and thanked WES members for standing in solidarity since day one. 

“We have to thank WES so much for their ongoing support. They have been with us standing out in the cold since the beginning,” Davis said. “Once they brought so many supplies for us we could hardly fit it all into the trailer. We depend on you. Thank you.”


Proceeds from the show will go directly to striking workers, who are facing financial hardships thanks to low-wages and shorter hours. 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and donated generously. 

You can continue your support of the strike by clicking the link below, and making a quick donation.