WES Vegan Potlucks – Sharing Food and Building Solidarity


At the end of each month, the Workers’ Education Society hosts community Vegan Potlucks. We’ve had over a dozen since they started in 2016. Each time, between 20 and 40 people attend, from all ends of the dietary and political spectrum. 

Its an opportunity for community members to share ideals, learn more about WES, and hear updates from community leaders.

At our Vegan Chili Cookoff, STL Veg Girl and Monica Stoutenborough (owner of Pura Vegan) judged many chili entries, and over 90 people attended and left with full bellies.

“I love WES community events, such as the Vegan Potlucks,” Peter Merideth, State Rep D. 80 said. “Its a fantastic place to feel the pulse of the community and a great way to connect with friends.”

Be sure to make it to our next Potluck – You can always see our upcoming events at our Facebook page.