On Labor Day 2017, WES took a stand with fast-food and other low-wage workers as they stood up and challenged the legislatures’ recalcitrance rolling back the recent $10 per-hour wage increase, thereby denying up-wards to 30,000 St. Louis workers their hard-earned wage increase.

WES was a part of the United We Stand-St. Louis coalition (www.unitedwestandstl.org), which will took action, marched and rallied on Labor Day 2017.

WES also presented on our groundbreaking partnership with the Painters’ DC 58, to create the Advanced Skills Workforce Center (ASWC).

WES and Steve Wayland, Business Director of Painters’ DC 58, spoke to a packed classroom of conference attendees about ASWC and how this model can be strengthened and expanded to create a more powerful and diverse workforce.