The St. Louis Workers’ Education Society took action against the Muslim Ban. You can too. 

The St. Louis Workers’ Education Society stands in solidarity with our Muslim siblings! We are a country of many nations. We are better and our democracy is stronger because of our diversity.
WES has supported immigrants and refugees in our community since the day we opened. Seen above is WES President Tony Pecinovsky speaking at the Muslim Solidarity March about how we move forward as a community. At WES, we teach workers how to organize and advocate. We offer you a political home to build a movement that fights discrimination in our communities.
Hear more about the CAIR march at our very own podcast:
For the last two years, WES subsidized rental for Latinos En Axion and assisted them in creating a sustainable organization servicing hundreds of immigrants and refugees. 
We are also subsidizing rental for a refugee-owned taxi service, which employs over 30 immigrants, in a collective ownership model. A Super Taxi is working to become a union-certified shop. 
If history has taught us anything, it this: When tyrants use fear, racism and ignorance to divide and conquer, the denial of human rights aren’t far behind. The St. Louis Workers’ Education Society denounced anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric at our Stand with a Pulse benefit concert– one of the speakers was a Bosnian refugee who helped us learn how to stand in solidarity with immigrants in these trying times.
Our space is a safe space! All are welcomed! Our home is your home! Please sustain our movement my making a contribution today. You can also join in by signing up using the form below. Together we can defeat hatred in our community!