Start Today – WES’ Punk Rock and Hip Hop Speaker and Concert Series

The Workers’ Education Society has hosted a total of five Punk Rock and Hip Hop concerts with a DIT (Do-It-Together) ethic. Each concert features progressive musical acts with a message, and spoken word from community leaders in Racial Justice, the Labor Movement, Womens’ Rights, and LGBTQIA Empowerment.

The all proceeds from the concerts go to fund training and services for local non-profits and other beneficiaries.

The Start Today concerts hosted to date are:

  • Fight for Ferguson – Hardcore Punk for Racial Justice
  • Berned in STL – A Benefit for Democratic Socialism
  • Stand with a Pulse – STL Stands with the Victims of Pulse
  • Too Punk to Trump – We Say “NO” to Hateful Politics
  • Grrrls to the Front – Punk and Hip Hop for Womens’ Health

Join us for our next concert, scheduled for July 2017!