The Workers’ Education Society and the Painter’s DC 58 are teaming up again, to collect signatures for the “Right-to-Work” Citizens’ Veto petition.


The so-called “Right-to-Work’ bill was passed by the Missouri Legislature and threatens workers rights, wages, and union funding.

The MO AFL-CIO is circulating a petition that would put “Right-to-Work’ on the 2018 election ballot. Giving Missouri’s working families power at the ballot box to say “NO” to this anti-union attack.

WES aims to gather over 5,0000 signatures and our efforts have been very successful when canvassing events around town and ward organization meetings.

“WES has been invaluable to this effort. They are proving once again that they stand up for workers’ rights – for real – to get the job done.” -Gary Otten, Painters’ Union Political Director.

Can we count on you to fight back with us? Sign up today!
Labor can not stand still. It must not retreat. It must go on, or go under.—Harry Bridges