The WES family has a new member!

The St. Louis Workers Education Society is happy to announce our partnership with the Missouri Women in Trades (MOWIT) and is excited to welcome them into our building.

Established in 2006, MOWIT’s mission is to:

Expand opportunities for women to enter and succeed in apprenticeship and careers in the construction and building trades of the greater St. Louis area. MOWIT works with employers, unions, educational organizations, and other entities and allies to increasewomen‘s equal employment opportunity and equitable working conditions. MOWIT is committed to building a diverse workforce, strong labor movement, safe and healthy worksites, and women‘s empowerment and economic security.

“This is a great opportunity and this partnership just makes sense,” said Tony Pecinovsky, WES President. “By working together MOWIT and WES will be able to learn from each other, build on our worker/member education programs, and create good union job opportunities for our communities.”

We look forward to continuing to build union diversity and strength with MOWIT throughout our partnership.

For more information about MOWIT and their programs, e-mail: