Come to a Monthly WES Event!

The Workers’ Education Society has several events each month. We have three reoccurring events, which you can attend and meet the gang. We build solidarity through working and relaxing together. Check out the events seen below and visit our Facebook Page to RSVP to our upcoming events. 

WES Work Days

WES Rehabs 10,000 Sq. Foot Headquarters   Join the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society as we continue rehabbing our historic building and you political home! Built in 1913, WES’s headquarters has been a part of the brick and mortar of the St. Louis labor...
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Vegan Potlucks

WES Vegan Potlucks - Sharing Food and Building Solidarity   At the end of each month, the Workers' Education Society hosts community Vegan Potlucks. We've had over a dozen since they started in 2016. Each time, between 20 and 40 people attend, from all ends of...
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Start Today Concerts

Start Today - WES' Punk Rock and Hip Hop Speaker and Concert Series   The Workers' Education Society has hosted a total of five Punk Rock and Hip Hop concerts with a DIT (Do-It-Together) ethic. Each concert features progressive musical acts with a message, and...
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