The St. Louis Workers Education Society—a place we all call home—needs your help in updating our 80 year old electrical wiring—which will cost around $5,000.00

If you’ve ever been to one of our events, or held one yourself at the WES; appreciate the work being done in our communities; or just wanted to help build and strengthen the fight for social justice, Please donate $50.00 towards reaching our goal—or whatever you can.

Hundreds of community volunteer hours have gone into creating a thriving, vibrant community center in a historic union hall, and contributions from our members help us keep it going. And we are not the only ones to call it home: The Coalition for Truth and Independence, Latinos En Axion, Savage Solutions, and A Super Taxi are all part of the WES Family. And our community family continues to grow.

Can we count on you do help build a real community/worker center? It would only take two tax-deductible $50.00 dollar donations a day to reach our goal by New Years. Thank you for your donations and being part of our community. We hope to see you at the building soon!