WES is proud to partner with A. Super Taxi and they are thrilled to call the Workers’ Education Society home. We provide subsidized rent to this amazing refugee-owned company, which employs dozens of immigrants in a collective ownership structure.

Mehari G. Tekle has an amazing story. He first settled in Saint Louis 26 years ago as a refugee from Eritrea, a country in Africa that has suffered two terrible civil wars over the past 40 years. He has driven taxis for nearly two decades. Unfortunately, Mehari was met with deadlock at the Metropolitan Taxi Commission when he attempted to found a new taxi businesses.

It’s this background that makes Mehari’s story, as well as the founding and success of A. Super Taxi, a dream come true. What makes Mehari’s company different? It has a shared ownership structure, a taxi cooperative of sorts.

Mehari is currently challenging the unfair business practices of the TaxiCommission and union-busting Uber services, a traditional exploitative business model. He is also providing good paying jobs for immigrants in Saint Louis.


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